Bathroom Antics: Bryce Xavier's AM and PM Routines

Bathroom Antics: Bryce Xavier's AM and PM Routines

BYJustin MoranApr 16, 2023

If you’ve seen Bryce Xavier being consistently cute on TikTok with his boyfriend, Matthew Macias, now the Los Angeles musician has a queer summer anthem to soundtrack your jealousy.

Titled “Bathroom Antics,” the new single is a rebrand of sorts for Xavier, shifting away from the self-described “sad gay pop” that’s defined his career thus far and exploring more “expressive feelings,” as he explains. The result is a diary-like love song, with euphoric synths and sentimental lyrics like hacking into Xavier’s private Notes app.

"The song is a an ode to the vulnerableness of being with someone who knows you more than you may know yourself," he says, "and doesn’t need the shiny things to love you." Its chorus then celebrates a simple kind of love: "Kiss my neck," Xavier sings. "Know I love that bathroom antics."

Below, PAPER asked Bryce Xavier to outline his personal bathroom routine — both morning and night — in celebration of his latest song, out everywhere now.

Step 1: Usually trimming my eyebrows because I have a hidden unibrow no one knew about until now.

Step 2: Blast MUNA while I’m getting my CeraVe (Normal to Dry Skin) prepped.

Step 3: It’s all in the mouth wash (I’m a mouth wash user before brushing).

Step 4: Oral B toothbrush, of course, it gets all the nooks.

Step 5: A good TikTok scroll. I’m honestly not the most proud that it’s what I look at so quickly in the morning.

Step 6: Taking shirtless photos because, duh.

Step 7: Checking my phone and seeing I’m late for my gym appointment.

Step 1: Turn on a Bryce Xavier Song, preferably a sexy one (AKA "Bathroom Antics").

Step 2: Shower. God, I can’t stress enough how great this feels after being all over the place in LA.

Step 3: Mousse my hair and tea tree oil because of my current braids.

Step 4: On TikTok looking at food recipes I’ll likely be too lazy to make, but save anyway.

Step 5: Late night brush of the teeth.

Step 6: CeraVe moisturizer, again, for my likely dry face.

Step 7: The Du-rag gets thrown on.

Stream "Bathroom Antics" by Bryce Xavier, below.

Photography: Austin T. Birch