Balenciaga Aligns With Children's Organization Following Campaign Scandal

Balenciaga Aligns With Children's Organization Following Campaign Scandal

It's been a few months since Balenciaga apologized for its controversial campaign depicting children with bondage toys and suggestive set props.

Now, the company is taking the next step with the announcement of a new partnership with the National Children's Alliance, an organization dedicated to helping local communities fight to end child abuse.

Alongside their parent company Kering, Balenciaga' three-year program with the NCA will focus on pillars like support of their Mental Health Institute to help children heal from trauma and the providing of education for Balenciaga about child protection and actions adults can take to promote the safety and well-being of children.

The companies say support from Balenciaga will enable NCA to train nearly 2,000 professionals specialized in child abuse and that about 55,000 children will benefit by receiving evidence-based mental healthcare.

“We were confronted with the reality and magnitude of childhood trauma during our listening tour where we engaged with several leading organizations and experts in the field of childhood trauma,” said Balenciaga CEO Cédric Charbit. “Collectively, at Balenciaga we have listened and learned a lot through this experience, and we wanted to help, have a positive and lasting impact on children and their future who needed support but lacked access.

Balenciaga's announcement on Instagram (with comments disabled) is just the second post they've made on social media so far in 2023 (their other posts were images of their Garde-Robe collection, which they've since deleted). Following their initial apology, their only other post was a "Happy New Year" upload with archival Balenciaga video footage.

Their next fashion show is scheduled for March 5 at 11:30am during Paris Fashion Week.

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