riela and marcos g Share a 'Hispanic Heritage Month' Playlist

riela and marcos g Share a 'Hispanic Heritage Month' Playlist

Lifted off her forthcoming EP, llorar u perrear, rising musician riela has released its lead single, "lyu2," featuring fellow Miami-based collaborator marcos g. The track title is shorted from "like you used to," and offers a taste of her mellow sound, as it flips smoothly between Spanish and English lyrics. Born to Panamanian and Cuban immigrants, riela pulls from all influences — Ashanti, Barry White, Celia Cruz, El General — to create her own sound that blurs disco, pop, R&B and Panamanian reggaeton.

"'lyu2' brings up an experience that a lot of people have gone through when it comes to relationships," riela says. "Where you're not entirely sure if you've fucked something up with the person or if it's just in your head. Either way, they've kind of ghosted you/ switched up their energy towards you and you're just tryna figure out what you did to get little to no reciprocation. We stay emo out here."

For marcos g, "lyu2" is a perfect example of "great chemistry." He says, "It was the first time I had met riela, yet writing this song came effortlessly. We both bonded on our experiences with people who seemed to not reciprocate our energy anymore in relationships, and our experiences fit like puzzle pieces. It's definitely a crying in the club kinda song, but I'd rather cry in a club than at home if I'm being honest."

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month starting today through October 15, PAPER asked riela and marcos g to each pick five of their all-time favorite songs that reflect the spirit of this period. From Kali Uchis to Bad Bunny, listen to their playlist, below.

Omega — "Si Te Vas/Que Tengo Que Hacer"

The main reason I love music so much is because it always brings you back to a memory. This song brings me back to when I would be drinking virgin piña coladas on Isla Contadora in Panama with my cousin acting like we were lit and trying to dance like Shakira.

Joey Montana — "La Melodía"

Shout out to my Panamanian king, Joey Montana. He truly was in his bag when he made this. It's the dramatic lyrics for me, you know? "Contigo todo es sol playa y arena." Oh to be in love.

J. Lo & Marc Anthony — "No Me Ames Tropical Remix"

I was incredibly emo and a hopeless romantic as a kid — honestly, I still am— and this song had me in a chokehold. I'd sing the shit out of this song — both J. Lo's and Marc Anthony's cause I thought I had range. That key change is everything.

Pitbull, Lil Jon & Ivy Queen — "Culo Remix"

A true Miami anthem from our President in Chief. This was the song everyone would get up to in middle school to start perreando. Like this song came out when I was in elementary, but still was on heavy rotation in middle/ high school. Thinking about it now I probably shouldn't have been listening to this when I was nine.

Celia Cruz — "La Negra Tiene Tumbao"

This song would play at every. single. party. my family would have. Anything Celia Cruz brings me back to my childhood. It was my favorite thing to just eat dessert on the couch with my cousin and watch the adults drunkenly dance to salsa.

Marcos G's Picks

Bad Bunny & J Balvin — "Si Tu Novio De Deja Sola"

This is one of the first songs I heard Bad Bunny on and it was an experience. I loved the way his lyrics along with J Balvin were fun and playful yet could steal your girl at the same time. Definitely motivated me to write out of the box.

Omar Apollo — "Frío"

I'm a huge Omar stan, honestly. Hearing him be proud of his Latin roots and also going off on a Spanish track for one of the first times was sick to me.

Kali Uchis — "la luna anamorada"

Are you kidding me? Kali covering Los Zafiros? I don't think you're as hyped as I am.

Paula Cendejas & Piso 21 — "Diferente"

Muerto. This is the song you hold up outside a girl's window with a huge boombox. I think I might have to.

vf7 — "Noche y Día"

vf7 is barely in her teens and makes BANGERS. Unreal, gotta show love!

Photo courtesy of Myai Anthony