Ashton Sanders F**ks With the Fashion at Posty Fest

Ashton Sanders F**ks With the Fashion at Posty Fest

by Taylor Roberts

Post Malone, whether you like it or not, is a fashion icon — not to all but to many. Giving credit where it's due, not everyone can pair an embroidered nudie suit with... crocs. A Posty Fest specific Post Malone X Arnette collab activation then, certainly attracts quite the notable fashion figure. Ashton Sanders, of Moonlight and Met Gala fame, stopped by the Mad Max-inspired Arnette truck at the second annual Posty Fest and talked fashion, films, and the future.

How are you doing today?

Good, man. Happy to be here at Posty Fest.

Have you been to Dallas before?

I have not, this is my first time. It's cool the weather's warm. I'm filming in Cleveland, Ohio right now. I came here this morning, it's fucking freezing there right now.

What are you working on in Cleveland right now?

I'm working on this film, it's an untitled Fred Hampton project. It's starring myself, Daniel Kaluuya, and Lakeith Stanfield. It's produced by Warner Brothers and Ryan Coogler.

That sounds amazing. That sounds heavy.

It's fucking sick.

So who are you excited to see today?

Doja's my girl so I'm here supporting and representing her right now. I went to high school with Doja in LA. But there's a lot of people I want to see today. Jaden Smith is cool, Pharrell. Post Malone obviously.

You're definitely a darling of the fashion industry, would you ever design anything?

Yeah sure, I'm just trying to take it day by day right now and step by step. I'm not trying to force anything. I know that's in my destiny so right now I'm just taking it slow. I really want to live in the moment and learn and grow throughout my artistry. I'm happy that people in fashion have taken me in the way that they have.

Yeah you were at the Met Gala with Telfar Clemons. You looked great.

Respect, respect. All of that is cool and down the line I would love to collaborate with the right person or the right brand. I'm so specific about my art so y'all are going to get what you get right now and down the line, maybe you'll get some other shit.

I'm looking forward to it. What are your festival essentials, what do you have on right now?

I'm from Southern California so tank tops are my vibe, cargos. You know, always carry a hoodie or a light jacket for when it gets cold at night. You always want to be comfortable.

And are you into this Post Malone collaboration with Arnette?

Yes. Yeah yeah yeah. The glasses are rad, it's my first time really hearing about the collaboration and seeing it and it's fucking sick. I'm happy to be here to see this in person and support it.

Photo courtesy of Arnette


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