Californian artist Tavar Zawacki has created a mural for the Wynwood Walls Art Basel Program, whose theme this year was "humanKIND."

Zawacki is a self-taught, color blind artist currently based in Berlin, who got his start as a graffiti writer with the pseudonym "ABOVE" before moving into more abstract street art. He's since replaced his tag with an upwards pointing arrow to represent his call to rise above negativity.

In this mural, named "Metamorphosis," the artist profiles the idea of transparency. The piece allows viewers to see through it and nothing is hidden, symbolic of the journey the artist has taken from being a street artist under a moniker to coming out under this real name. He has utilized his stylistic arrows reminding others to always "Rise Above" all fears and challenges.

Zara collaborated with Goldman Global Arts to support the project.

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