Art Boys Wanted For a Bachelor-esque Dating Show

Art Boys Wanted For a Bachelor-esque Dating Show

by Morgan Noll

The Bachelor franchise seems to have everything: Drama, romance, toxic masculinity. And don't forget: Personal trainers, amateur models, and the ever-vague "entrepreneurs" who show up season after season. But where is the representation for all those moody, creative types? NBC may be taking this issue of diversity into their own hands with a new reality dating show that no one really asked for.

We gathered (or, more accurately, read into) this from a typo-ridden Facebook post on the Los Angeles CASTING CALLS page (among other casting groups) for "single Bachelors Artist between the ages of 35 and 45, above 5'7" and any race." To fit the mold, you also need to be an LA local, "involved in the arts community at some capacity" (which seems dangerously vague) and non-union, so they can pay you pennies for your televised humiliation.

Unfortunately, NBC is being pretty hush-hush about the whole thing. "I am not able to share any additional information about the show, other than the casting information provided," the network toldArt Net.

So we don't know much about the rumored show yet, but we do know this: Art Boys are having a moment. They've carved their way into the celebrity dating scene, stealing the hearts of Jenny Slate, J-Law, Sienna Miller and the likes. From still-life painter to art gallerists, their boos are definitely all "involved in the arts community at some capacity." The hottest new trend: tiny handbags on one arm and a scruffy man with a curated Instagram feed on the other.

Every year, Chris Harrison promises that the new season of The Bachelor will be the most dramatic yet. Well, if this new brand of reality dating follows through, it's sure to be the most pretentious. We're ready to be wined and dined and entertained and mansplained.

Single LA Art Boys: Head to the nearest bathroom with good selfie lighting and a full-length mirror and start applying. Jed Wyatt, you and your guitar can kindly stay at home.

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