Ariana Grande Drops NASA Merch Collab, Makes Space Relevant Again

Ariana Grande Drops NASA Merch Collab, Makes Space Relevant Again

In 2019, Ariana Grande singlehandedly made NASA more relevant than it's been since the Cold War with her new buzzy, self-care single of the same name (they need the good press, too, after that whole cancelling-the-first-women's-spacewalk ordeal). The federal space station, which must've been extremely grateful that she "needed space" after the Pete break-up, even gave the album a shout-out online, thanking Ari for getting their name trending.

But it's a mutually beneficial relationship (Ari got a great song title, after all), so they're leaning into it with an official collab. This weekend, Ariana has debuted a new line of official NASA-branded merch at Coachella. The understated, retro hoodies, t-shirts and sunglasses borrow the space station's iconic logos, font, and Neil Armstrong's famous quote (adapted for her girl power ethic: "This Is One Small Step for Woman, One Giant Leap For Woman-kind"). It's now available online.

Thanks to Ariana Grande, for the first time since the turn of the century, kids will flaunt NASA t-shirts and hoodies in high schools across the country.

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