Angus Cloud Goes to Fashion Shows for the Snacks

Angus Cloud Goes to Fashion Shows for the Snacks

Looks like Angus Cloud is in fact this season's most unlikely new style star after all. After sitting front row at Coach's NYFW show earlier this year, Angus Cloud attended his second fashion show this year and third overall at Ralph Lauren Tuesday night (he was also randomly at Balmain's men's show in 2020).

The Euphoria actor was among the few VIP guests at New York's MoMA museum (Jessica Chastain, Jeremy Strong and Lily Collins also went), where the designer presented his Fall 2022 collection, his first IRL show since in nearly three years. But after last night's photos, one thing is quickly becoming clear: don't come between Angus Cloud and his snacks at fashion shows.

After memorably munching on Hot Cheetos throughout the entire Coach show, Cloud was spotted snacking on....M&M's at Ralph Lauren's runway event. According to WWD, he was "one of the only ones to interact with the bowls of M&Ms" that were scattered around the set.

But don't get it twisted — Cloud is not one to hog all the food. Just like at the Coach show, where he shared his bag of spicy fire hot chili Cheetos with Tommy Dorfman, Cloud playfully scooped up handfuls of the M&Ms for the cameras with fellow Ralph Lauren seatmate Evan Mock.

For the show, the Ralph Lauren team dressed Cloud in a Purple Label houndstooth suit and a black turtleneck, as well as a colorful Polo Ralph Lauren windbreaker hat he took off once he was inside. (He's one of the new campaign stars of Ralph Lauren's Polo fragrances.)

As for the Polo Bear beanie he wore, it belonged to him. “This is my hat,” he told WWD. “I actually found this on the ground, and I cleaned it up. I washed it up, I made it mine.”

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