Angus Cloud Won't Reveal His Birthday Over Zodiac Sign Judgment

Angus Cloud Won't Reveal His Birthday Over Zodiac Sign Judgment

Angus Cloud is keeping one personal detail a secret for a pretty relatable reason.

In a new interview with Glamour, the Euphoria star was asked a series of "inappropriate" questions ranging from the "weirdest" thing he does when he's alone (read a book?) to the most romantic thing that's ever happened to him (receiving a flower). And though he had no qualms about telling the publication that the most surprising place he's hooked up with someone was a tie between the top of a building and a crane, there was one detail about himself that he wasn't willing to disclose.

Over the past two seasons, the notoriously private actor — who had zero acting experience when he was initially discovered on the street — has built up a fervent fanbase as one of the show's breakout stars, with many expressing their curiosity over the man behind Fez. However, Cloud said he was still hesitant to share a couple core details about himself, including his actual birthday. But why? For fear of being judged on his zodiac sign.

That's right. Despite not really buying into the whole astrology thing personally, he did acknowledge that there was something to the "ancient" practice and that he understood why people were big believers, especially since "you can't really prove that it's not real."

"It's like God or something? You can't really say they not there, so you gotta be kind of wild to claim that," he said. To that end, he recognized that many fans may change their mind about him based on his zodiac sign, and that was something he wanted to avoid.

"I won't tell people if they asked me," Cloud went on to say. "If you was gonna ask me when my birthday was, I won't tell you because I don't want people to try to judge me off that."

If we were to make an educated guess, his mysterious explanation gives us a feeling that he may be a Scorpio. According to Famous Birthdays's (questionably reliable) sources though, Cloud's birthday is July 10th, which also makes sense seeing as how he'd be a Cancer. But whether he's a secretive water sign or something else, it doesn't seem like we'll be getting a real answer anytime soon — so who really knows?

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Photo via Getty / Donato Sardella