angelus Is the Soundtrack of Our Times

angelus Is the Soundtrack of Our Times

The future of digicore is bright and the proof is in angelus' new double video for "jealousy" and "gossip girls."

For those unfamiliar with the teen-led genre, it's probably best described as the product of the sonic melting pot created by the internet which means it was, unsurprisingly, pioneered via Soundcloud and Discord servers. However, what makes it special aside from its massive online popularity is how it uses Fruity Loops — AKA the production software integral to the creation of almost every culture-shaping musical movement — to create one of the most unique amalgamations of pretty much every genre that came before it.

As a digicore OG, angelus' style draws inspiration from trap metal, hyperpop and everything in between, and if their recently released debut album, drama queen, is any indication, it's not a stretch to say that the 17-year-old is destined for viral greatness. Now though, the artist has also dropped a twofer video for their fan-favorite tracks "jealousy" and "gossip girls," which we'd say is one helluva way to celebrate the project's release.

A lo-fi visual that sees angelus walking around Paris to the song, the shaky camerawork combined with disorienting angles creates an apt aesthetic accompaniment for "jealousy," a blend of Uzi-style emo rap with pop-perfect hooks, and the same can be said about "gossip girls," a high-energy homage to the melodic appeal of pop punk. And, obviously, both songs have plenty of AutoTune.

Watch the video for "jealousy & gossip girls," below.


Date Decorded: 2/18/21 – 3/12/21

This was the third song I recorded off the album, I'm pretty sure, and I remember wanting to make a little ballad. At first I used a looperman loop, and recorded the hook and the first part of the verse on it. I was gonna initially leave it at that, but then I sent the acapella to AObeats and he just made a crazier beat around it, and that's where I recorded the second part of the beat and everything else. funeral and juno watched me record most of that song.

"gossip girls"

Date Recorded: 3/07/21 – 3/10/21

This song made me feel like there was real traction and a moment happening with my music. I actually initially called this song" drama queen," but then thought it didn't really feel right, so I scrapped the name and called it "gossip girls" and that's when the drama queen album idea came to mind.


Date Recorded: 8/24/21 – 16/09/21

I don't really do much thinking while making music, but somehow this song was heavily inspired by K-pop, The Weeknd and Yves Tumor...


Date Recorded: 5/16/21 – 7/09/21

"hollywood" gets its inspiration from "Hollywood Tonight" by Michael Jackson and "My Oh My" by Camila Cabello. It's about a girl that wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a superstar in the music industry, but is on the verge of giving up because of various obstacles on her way.


Date Recorded: 01/19/21 – 01/21/21

If I'm being real, I completely forgot how this song came about...


Date Recorded: 8/26/21 – 9/16/21

I remember watching the Netflix show, Lupin, featuring Omar Sy, and wanting to make a song inspired by it, or a song that would match the energy of the show. So I just did and just like that, "sins" was born.


Date Recorded: 4/14/21 – 7/22/21

This is probably the most fun I've had making a song. Me, Gail, Skys and a couple other friends started working on a beat together in a Discord call. At first there, wasn't even a guitar; it was a little synth melody and then we thought it would sound even crazier with a guitar. So I texted SAWCE (one of my Twitter mutuals who plays guitar very well) and then boom boom boom, "homewrecker" was made. I can't wait to go to studio sessions with my friends and feel that feeling I felt when I made that song every time.

"we'll meet again"

Date Recorded: 4/06/21 – 4/10/21

I honestly forgot how iIcame up with this song, but I think the name and concept of the song is really cool. Also inspired by "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn (1939).

"new lyfe" 

Date Recorded: 01/17/21 – 01/19/21

This is the song I released on my 17th birthday. Good times.

Photos courtesy of angelus