Listen to Aly & AJ Say 'F**k' and 'S**t

Listen to Aly & AJ Say 'F**k' and 'S**t

Aly & AJ's 2007 single, "Potential Breakup Song," has found new life this year on TikTok as Gen Z revisits a Millennial classic.

To celebrate the sister duo's song receiving a fresh breath of air, Aly & AJ have now released a darker, updated version. It's still something of an anthem for pre-breakup days, only this edit features more electro-pop production and — finally — curse words.

Speaking about the song in a press release, AJ's reason for rereleasing "Potential Breakup Song" is quite simple. Have you looked around at this year? "We wanted to breakup with 2020 and get our shit back," she says.

Aly & AJ's explicit update replaces the phrases "except for the fact it was my birthday, my stupid birthday" with "except for the fact it was my birthday, my fucking birthday," "I want my stuff back" with "I want my shit back," and "mess up the situation that your gonna miss dearly, dearly" with "fuck up the situation that your gonna miss really dearly."

Naturally, the internet is losing its mind.

Aly & AJ also announced something that fans have been waiting for: a new album is in the works. It's significant because their last studio album, Insomniatic, came out in 2007. They've released two EPs since in Ten Years, that dropped in 2017, and Sanctuary, which released last year.

If this new version of "Potential Breakup Song" is any indicator, Aly & AJ's new project is going to be just as badass.

Check out the new "Potential Breakup Song," below.

Photo courtesy of Aly & AJ


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