The 'All Stars' Season 4 Finale Will Leave You Gagging

The 'All Stars' Season 4 Finale Will Leave You Gagging

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

It's been one hell of a rollercoaster season for RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. As it turns out, Manila Luzon's savagely shocking elimination via Naomi Smalls wasn't the biggest shocker of the season. The grand finale for season 4 left everyone gagging because the competition crowned not one, but two All Stars 4 queens.

Both Trinity "the Tuck" Taylor and Monet X Change made it to the Drag Race Hall of Fame on Friday night. This left fans gagging — for some, in a good way, but for most, not so. A lot of violent and negative reactions arose from this controversial coronation, and much tea was spilled on Twitter regarding this whole season.

Some viewers tagged and mentioned RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 winner Aquaria in their reactions, comparing her and her season to the All Stars 4 competitors and the top 4. This did not sit well with the 23-year-old drag queen. She tweeted, "I'm horrified by some viewers response to these four talented queens and it has made me so genuinely sad that people feel okay sharing these opinions and hate."

She continued the thread, "The discredit all of these girls are receiving is so sad and the amount of biased, racist, or uninformed comments really are disappointing to see from a *community* that allegedly values all things equal and right." Read the full thread, below.

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