Alexander McQueen Finds a New Home in New York's SoHo

Alexander McQueen Finds a New Home in New York's SoHo

by Dylan Kelly

Opening a flagship store in the middle of a pandemic is certainly a risky investment; however, fortunately for fashion buffs, Alexander McQueen is defying that myth with an optimistic approach to masked shopping.

Conceived by Creative Director Sarah Burton in collaboration with renowned architect Smiljan Radic and located between bolted-shut retail spaces in New York's SoHo neighborhood, McQueen's just-opened columnar storefront is hands-down the most inviting style haven on the block.

Upon entrance to McQueen's new home, a floor-to-ceiling curtain decorated with embroidered insect badges establishes the nature-infused aesthetic that defines the entire layout. Amid contemporary glass displays that front the House's latest shoe and accessories offerings, McQueen-clad mannequins command the space and guide visitors through the narrative of their coinciding runway collections.

Colossal slabs of alabaster rock draw attention to the store's center, boasting the label's latest holiday offerings beside its Tall Story and Story shoulder bags, while several iterations of oak and walnut wood make natural separations between collections on the floors and walls alike.

Women's ready-to-wear pieces claim the front of the space, lining both walls on singular wooden clothing racks, while shoes and men's designs reside in the back. A glass cylinder, filled with a butterfly-embossed quilt, pierces the middle of the store and acts as a dressing room for potential customers.

As the new store's main event, visitors must unclasp the fabric between a cut-out in the glass to enter the serene changing room, where the floor-to-ceiling butterfly blanket provides maximal privacy while shopping.

If you happen to be in NYC, head to Alexander McQueen's new SoHo flagship, located at 71 Greene St.

Photos courtesy of Alexander McQueen/ Pablo Enriquez