PAPER and Google Shopping Launch 21of21

PAPER and Google Shopping Launch 21of21

PAPER and Google Shopping announce today a partnership that transforms the trends of 2021. With the launch of 21of21, a shoppable magazine of the trends that defined the year, you can shop pop culture — right from Google Shopping — featuring some of our favorite influencers and celebrities, including Jennifer Coolidge, Bella Poarch, Bretman Rock, BIA and Law Roach.

"PAPER sits at the intersection of internet culture and pop culture," says Tom Florio, founder and CEO of ENTtech Media Group LLC, which owns PAPER. "And with this partnership we go straight to the data to find out what trend-lovers really crave."

The trend list, curated based on Google trends data, spans cottagecore, a trend celebrating the rustic, down-home fashion and accessory aesthetics of rural life; the rise of TikTok beauty inspired by Freckle Pen and Olaplex; a new take on workout from home looks; '90s nostalgia trends that have sent 90210's pleated-pants fashions soaring; and an incisive look at how gender blurring is transforming shopping — so express yourself!

"Google has a unique ability to see when things start to trend — both for search and shopping," adds Stephanie Horton, director of marketing, Google Shopping. "We see time and time again that culture often plays a huge role in influencing trends, whether they stem from social media trends, movies and shows, or music."

Horton continues, "By teaming up with PAPER we are bringing these insights to life, creating a new shoppable experience that combines trends and culture into one inspirational magazine."

21of21 can be shopped directly from Google Shopping, which offers more choice, information, and transparency to people as they browse and shop online.

"As we step into the next generation of PAPER, this partnership with Google is moving the whole landscape of media forward," Florio says. "The recap captures a moment in pop culture and transforms the consumer experience."