14 Female Designers Reimagine Nike's Most Iconic Sneakers

14 Female Designers Reimagine Nike's Most Iconic Sneakers

Almost everything is better with a woman's touch, proved tenfold by the result Nike's new initiative to ask designers to recreate their two most-memorable styles through the female lens. Trust us, this is the kind of innovation you're going to want to write home to mom — and brag to your boyfriend — about.

Forever queens Kelsey Lu and Abra don the shoes designed by 14 different female creatives, in a reimagining of the Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 which were both birthed by the brand in the early 80s. The Georgina James-led group, which includes colorists, materials specialists, and mainline footwear designers, were tasked with coming up with a 10 distinctly fresh takes on the iconic styles. Their only brief was to "make cool shit," according to the label's footwear director, Andy Caine.

"The genesis of creativity is diversity," he says. "From a design point of view, each of the designers has a very unique background and personality. Our theory is that when you mix diverse creative talents you realize some magic."

Check out the collection in full below, no doubt you're going to want every single piece.

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All images courtesy of Nike.