Zendaya's Lola Bunny Launches Voice Acting Debate

Zendaya's Lola Bunny Launches Voice Acting Debate

Zendaya's voice acting in the new Space Jam sequel has divided the internet.

This past weekend, a promo clip featuring the star as the voice of Lola Bunny was released online. That said, the sneak peek proved to be pretty polarizing, as the vast majority of commenters appeared to be less than impressed with the offering, especially since many believed the Euphoria star's voice didn't quite match up with the animated character's persona.

After all, the main criticism was that Zendaya didn't exactly channel the "sultry 'don't call me doll' attitude" that made Lola one of the stand out stars of the original film, with some even opining that she could've "at least be a bit more animated with her approach."

Not only that, but even self-proclaimed fans of the actress seemed to take issue with her performance, responding with a number of cringe GIFs and comments like, "uhhhh this isn't it."

"Yeah I'm not feeling this," a third Zendaya stan wrote. "I love zendaya but she just sounds like she not even trying to be the character at all!"

They added, "She just said shit! Here you go, give me my money."

Similarly, critics also contended that Zendaya used her "natural voice rather than a voice for Lola," as others began to discuss the studio's casting process by saying that, "This is what happens when studios forget that actual voice actors exist."

"This is a prime example of how good voice actors are at their jobs and why they should be far more respected," as another viral tweet stated. "You cannot just cast a popular actress in a voice role and expect her to be able to do the job at the same level of quality as a professional voice actor."

Granted, a few more went on to argue that it wasn't exactly Zendaya's fault as it sounded like the mixing was the real problem, especially seeing as how the clip didn't "make it feel like it's in the room that's she's in."

However, others also continued to defend the actress by expressing confusion over whether people expected "Zendaya not to sound like Zendaya" in the film, with a second saying, "I like this. Why is everyone hating???."

That said, neither Zendaya nor the studio have yet to respond to the online discourse.

Photo via Getty / Frazer Harrison