Fans Don't Know What to Make of Zendaya's New Wax Figure

Fans Don't Know What to Make of Zendaya's New Wax Figure

The internet doesn't know what to make of Madame Tussauds's latest tribute to Zendaya.

Earlier this week, the famed wax museum unveiled a new wax figure of the Euphoriastar, based on her 2016 appearance at a gala hosted by the Humane Society Of The United States, which was meant to invoke the way she "just exudes cool," per a press release obtained by NBC News.

“Not only that, she uses her celebrity status to join conversations, thoughtfully, on important social issues," Madame Tussauds London general manager Tim Waters said in the statement. “She is unapologetically herself — and we, along with her fans, love that about her."

However, many fans weren't convinced of the likeness, with critics cracking jokes about how the "only way this [wax figure] looks like Zendaya is if I keep my glasses off" and saying it looked like she was a "flight attendant" or someone who "wants to speak to the manager."

Meanwhile, a couple fans were more mystified than anything else, wondering how the figure manages to "both look like her and look nothing like her at the same time," which others chalked it up to the odd facial proportions.

"I see what they're going for, but the proportions of every aspect are a little off," according to a Twitter user, while a few more echoed this in response to those commenting on how features like the eyes were "throwing [them] off."

Even so, there were still a some people who said they could see the resemblance before adding that it "looks better than a lot of other figures we've seen."

"that wax figure looks almost exactly like zendaya," another fan wrote. "idk what y'all are talking about."

Zendaya, however, has yet to comment on the wax figure.

Photo via Getty / Angela Weiss