Years & Years Cover Modern Classic 'No Tears Left To Cry'

Years & Years Cover Modern Classic 'No Tears Left To Cry'

Forget Sunday, TODAY is the Lord's day. With the release of "God is a woman," Ariana Grande has simultaneously rewritten the Bible and brought us all back to church.

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It seems only fitting that Years & Years would take this opportunity to revisit Grande's already classic "No Tears Left To Cry" for BBC Radio1's Live Lounge. Olly Alexander delivers an angelic performance with the band putting their own synth-pop spin on the pop anthem. Swapping guitars for glossy synths and pulling back Grande's untouchable powerhouse vocals in favor of a more tender falsetto, Years & Years take "No Tears Left To Cry" to a more blissed out to place reveling in the song's natural euphoria even making it a little flirtatious. Plus, its hard not to swoon every time Alexander smiles the camera.

Watch Years & Years cover of "No Tears Left To Cry," below, and read Olly Alexander's PAPER Pride cover here.

Photo courtesy of Filippo L'Astorina