The Dry Skin Winter Survival Guide

The Dry Skin Winter Survival Guide

Without fail, every winter my skin goes from dewy and plump to sallow and dehydrated in what feels like overnight. Living in any major city, your skin is already subject to pollution, irritants and sun damage all year long.

But what happens in the winter months when the temperature drops and the winds are chafing your face?

Well, we’ve got just the solution. From skincare to makeup, PAPER's culled together our favorite necessities for the harsh winter months that will keep your skin looking flawless.


When it comes to keeping your skin healthy this winter, obviously moisturizer is the most important tool. Both underneath makeup and on their own, these moisturizers will keep your skin so supple throughout the day without that greasy feeling.

Eye Creams

The under-eye area is the thinnest part of skin on your face, which leads to dehydration faster than any other body part. In order to prevent wrinkles, dryness and creasing under makeup we need to douse those under-eyes in moisture.


Yes... you read that correctly. SPF in the winter is a must, unless you want to look like the Balenciaga City Bag at 40. Wearing an ample amount of SPF will keep your skin healthy and hydrated and of course protect against UV rays and aging.

Tinted Moisturizers 

When it comes to tinted moisturizers in the winter, you want to find one that’s extra dewy. Even if you prefer a more matte look, you can always use a setting powder to tone down the glow. Look for tinted moisturizers with skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid over foundations in the winter because they’ll give you more hydration.


Wearing concealer in the winter can be super tricky. You’ve got to be careful to pick one that is ultra-hydrating and has skincare benefits. We like to look for concealers that double as eye creams or ones that will appease our thirsty under-eyes.

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