Toronto Warns: 'Winter Is Coming and So Are We'

Toronto Warns: 'Winter Is Coming and So Are We'

As many make their way home for the holidays and nervously wring their hands over forecasts, storm warnings and lists of canceled flights, the harsh realities of winter are present on everyone's minds. For the city of Toronto... there's a little something else, too.

A new mailer from the government of Toronto aimed at advising citizens to prepare for the city's historically aggressive cold and heavy snows has gone viral for its, um, interesting phrasing choices. Riffing off of Game of Thrones' famous tagline "Winter is Coming," the postcard's sexually suggestive addition of "and so are we" understandably had many who would otherwise throw the junk mail straight in the recycling pile to do a double take.

Naturally, the PSA's overly horny tone invited a whole host of innuendo and pleas for Toronto's public relations agency to maybe hire a copywriter next time around. Ottawa's Public Health agency even got in on the action on Twitter. In all fairness, winter is cuffing season, with many looking for someone to keep them warm through their seasonal depression — so maybe Toronto was doing all of us a favor by saying the quiet part out loud.

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