Twitter Wishes it Never Found Out About 'Werepups'

Twitter Wishes it Never Found Out About 'Werepups'

Just when you thought the world couldn't get any weirder, Twitter opens up a whole new world of "Nope!"

On Wednesday, user @bootyslime was on a normal New York City commute until he saw something he — and the rest of Twitter — probably wishes he could unsee. A guy sitting across from him, wearing an army green winter parka and Chuck boots, unpacks the last thing you would expect to come from a Nike gym bag: a baby werewolf.

His tweet has over 72.9K likes, 21.1K retweets, 771 replies, and counting. It all began to escalate when Nathan Steinmetz (@Humanstein), identified the "goblin"/ baby werewolf as a "werepup" — part of what he describes as a "weird and kind of sad and upsetting... Movement? called Reborn dolls." And it's not all werewolves. They've got a *diverse* mix of blue Avatar alien babies, Shrek ogre babies, mermaid babies, and (of course!) a zombie baby pool party.

Like Steinmetz said, "Its a brave new world once you fall down this rabbithole." But (thankfully?) focus shifted back to the subway dude and his werewolf claws when Twitter users started sending photos of their sightings of the mystery New York werewolf man and his "werepup" doll.

They've been spotted underground, aboveground, and even at this year's New Year's Eve telecast from Times Square.

And while we still don't know who this werewolf dad is, Madison Quigley (@MJQ26) thinks it's from a Russian doll maker called Gakman Creatures. So if you ever plan on getting your own freaky little werewolf baby, you can get one for $620 from their Etsy shop.

You're welcome, I guess.

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