Weezer Dropped a TLC Cover If You're Feeling Frisky

Weezer Dropped a TLC Cover If You're Feeling Frisky

The Internet is of course going in.

Weezer has been making alt-rock albums inspired by various shades of the color wheel for several years now. So, while it's not shocking that the Teal Album arrives as a color-coded concept from out of nowhere, it did give us pause to note that it is an album comprised entirely of covers.

We got a taste for Rivers Cuomo and company's flavor of cover versions through their recent rendition of Toto's "Africa," which was a natural fit for the band, given Weezer's playful sense of camp and arty musical flourishes. (Which are two of the same qualities that make the original still just weird and widescreen enough to remain a sports-appropriated anthem complete with drunken karaoke scream-alongs.)

So, should we be unnerved then, that Weezer covered TLC's enduring hit "No Scrubs"? This obviously means that the legendary T-Boz and Chilli (R.I.P. Left Eye) gave their blessing so we can only assume they're down with the cover — guitars, Cuomo singing the words "also known as a buster," fuzzed-out bridge, and all. Weezer did avoid doing Left Eye's rap in the extended version. But regardless of the track's perceived merits or missteps, we can always count on the Internet to have an opinion. Fans' reactions, while hilarious, are a bit more mixed.

According to a tweet, which we can't verify, lead singer Cuomo said that he was enticed by "No Scrubs" because of its "freakish" popularity. If this is a real tweet, kudos to him also for not changing the pronouns, because don't you dare.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about "No Scrubs" but so far appear just fine with Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" — which are honestly pretty excellent, in my humble opinion. Meanwhile, the women of TLC have been touring, so the jury's still out on their public opinion of Weezer's version of their hit. Also, if you're a fan of these covers, or even if you're not, Weezer's next album will be out March 1, and that one's street name is the Black Album.

Photo via Weezer