Warby Parker's New Zine Celebrates New York's Most Cherished Icons

Warby Parker's New Zine Celebrates New York's Most Cherished Icons

by Matthew Velasco

Eyewear brand Warby Parker has teamed up with the archival Instagram account Friends From New York for a social media series and limited-edition zine. Inspired by the cultural and artistic figures of New York City, the partnership is an inviting exploration of the city's figures, hangouts and memories.

Developed by photographer Heidi Hartwig, the Friends From New York Instagram account is a treasure trove of the city's greatest legends and tastemakers. From cultural icons like Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol to modern city dwellers and figures, Friends From New York is the go-to for nostalgic portraits and throwbacks from the heyday of pop-culture — the portraits of Naomi Campbell and Madonna are a must-see.

As New York City continues to reopen after COVID-19 restrictions, the collaboration is a welcomed reminder of the cultural touchpoints and everlasting power of the city. The zine features creative figures like Cheryl Dunn, Minya Oh, Stretch Armstrong, Lynn Yaeger and Mickey Boardman discussing their personal and creative relationships with the sprawling city.

"We asked some of our good friends, all pivotal people in the evolution of arts and culture over the last five decades, to share what they love about New York," they said in a statement. "Blending portraits by Heidi and interviews, the zine is a trove of beloved places, sights, bites, and scenes that epitomize the city's incomparable spirit."

Whether it be best-loved memories or favorite restaurants, the collaboration is an intimate exploration of what makes New York City so special. The zine will be complimentary at Warby Parker's Greene St location upon request.

Photos courtesy of Warby Parker