Virgil Abloh Fans Are Not Happy With the Grammys

Virgil Abloh Fans Are Not Happy With the Grammys

During the "in memoriam" tribute segment at Sunday night's Grammys telecast, which honors figures in music who died over the past year, Virgil Abloh's face appeared on the screen with the words "Hip Hop Fashion Designer" under his name.

Needless to say, fans were not happy and quickly called out the Recording Academy on social media for the lazy wording, a label that seemingly diminishes what the multi-hyphenated Abloh has contributed to music, fashion, architecture, the visual arts and beyond.

"Very disrespectful for the Grammys to call Virgil Abloh a 'hip hop fashion designer'… the micro aggressive racism we see in fashion and entertainment today still baffles me," wrote one user, with others calling the description "insanely disrespectful" and "ignorant."

While Abloh certainly made lasting contributions to the hip-hop community (he art directed Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and A$AP Rocky etc.), he never claimed to be solely a "hip hop designer" nor sought out to design for people only in that community.

Perhaps a more fitting eulogy would have been something along the lines of "Designer, DJ, Producer"? Either way, as many users pointed out last night, the move left a poor taste in many people's mouths in what otherwise would've been a touching tribute.

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