Unholy War Studio Says 'Kill Your Local Fentanyl Distributor'

Unholy War Studio Says 'Kill Your Local Fentanyl Distributor'

Emerging Los Angeles-based fashion brand Unholy War Studio's debut drop may be titled "SORRY," but they are far from apologetic.

Taking inspiration from designer and founder Jesse Cabral's own experiences growing up, the new label's first offering looks to raise awareness about drug addiction and overdose in young people with a wearable statement honoring his best friend who passed away in 2019 from a fentanyl overdose. Prioritizing the collection's message over aesthetics, SORRY hopes to break the cycle of destruction by cutting straight to the point. "Kill your local fentanyl distributor" is short and striking, calling out the culprit in boldfaced text. Available as both a t-shirt and a hoodie, "SORRY" sports a simple yet effective design that makes sure nothing distracts from the collection's urgent message.

"When I was 16, I was prescribed Adderall, and soon after, my best friend was prescribed Xanax by the same doctor. From this moment, our friendship experience intertwined. These prescriptions ultimately made us closer because we dealt with the same demons," Cabral explains, the brand's name Unholy War Studio itself a reference to the struggles with addiction they faced together. "The tragedy of losing my best friend to a fentanyl overdose made me realize that something needs to be done to prevent such incidents. With my brand, I want to make a difference and help others who may be going through the same struggle. At a young age it is very easy to slip into darkness.”

Looking to continue the legacy of their friendship and call attention to the widespread impact of fentanyl and the opioid epidemic, which has only gotten worse during the pandemic, SORRY serves as a sobering reminder that all it takes is one bad pill to have fatal consequences. Cabral may have been able to overcome his struggles and used that experience to launch his own label, but Unholy War Studio stands as a testament to the fact that not everyone is so lucky.

In addition to spreading awareness through its clothing, Unholy War Studio's mission extends beyond being just a fashion brand, announcing plans to provide test strips to those struggling with addiction to help better identify drugs contaminated with fentanyl as well as launching their own non-profit. Using their platform to be a genuine force for good, Unholy War Studio remains committed to calling attention to the issue that claimed Cabral's best friend's life.

Photos Courtesy of Unholy War Studio