Troye Sivan Slays 'Tonight Show' Performance in Helmut Lang

Troye Sivan Slays 'Tonight Show' Performance in Helmut Lang

The latest bop from Troye Sivan, "My My My!," has taken us aback with its take on liberation within love, which, can too often feel like a vicegrip on one's heart/soul/everything. In other words, the song's anthemic chorus was a metaphorical breath of fresh air for queerlings everywhere, made even more crisp with sexually-charged honesty. There's that lyric about tongues and adjusting speeds that has us feeling our own "charges."


Last night, bb Troye looked like a snack and sounded like a dream whilst singing his new hit on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He was wearing the new Helmut Lang Seen collection by Shayne Oliver, specifically, the open-chest blazer and elastic strap trousers, paired with black bondage-strap trade boots.

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A few questions: we all need to know how Troye stays moisturized because the skin is perfection, and two, Mr. Oliver, can you please make the open-chest situation in multiple colors? Asking for a friend, for Troye, and also, tbh, me. Catch the full performance below. My my my is right!


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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Devin Kasparian