Trisha Paytas Was Almost on 'Euphoria'

Trisha Paytas Was Almost on 'Euphoria'

Trisha Paytas claims they were almost on season two of Euphoria.

On Tuesday, the YouTuber told "Frenemies" podcast co-host, Ethan Klein, that the HBO show thought about having them guest star as a "plus-sized social media influencer."

"I was going to do a TV show, and I was kind of excited," Paytas revealed. "They reached out to me specifically. I didn't have to audition."

So then what happened? Well, Paytas said that after they sent in a self-tape of themselves to the show, they ended up never hearing back, before speculating it could've been because they get "nervous" recording those types of videos.

Klein then went on to reassure them by pointing out that sometimes "it takes time" to hear back. However, Paytas explained the cameo was supposed to happen last Friday. Oop.

Either way, Paytas already has a pretty solid acting/reality TV resume, including a role on Modern Family and several appearances on Celebrity Big Brother and Ellen. So they seem pretty okay for now.

Even so, neither HBO nor Paytas have commented yet on the potential appearance. Hear what Paytas has to say about the lost role around the 23-minute mark, below.

Photo via Getty / John Phillips