Tokeyo Celebrates the Power of Queer, Dark-Skinned Beauty With 'KiKi'

Tokeyo Celebrates the Power of Queer, Dark-Skinned Beauty With 'KiKi'

As a host and emcee for LA's preeminent queer party Evita, musician and writer Tokeyo knows what makes a good night out — and in case you needed further proof, look no further than the vivid video for his new single, "KiKi."

Shot by a team entirely made up of POC talent, "KiKi" is a gorgeous, rambunctious celebration of queer, dark-skinned beauty — filled with tripped out visuals of a poppy field and several dynamic dance numbers performed by Tokeyo and Co.

And though it may be an irresistible party anthem on the surface, Tokeyo's main goal with the video was to spread "love due to the state the world is in."

"With all the tears and fights comes beauty. I just wanted to offer the world more images of dark skin — specifically queer melanin skin — in all of its bare, beautiful, strong, confident glory," Tokeyo said as he touched upon his own recent experience protesting in LA

"I know how dark these times are. I just want to offer some light and love," he continued, before invoking the spirit of queer resistance during these pivotal times.

"So as icons in our community have said after we fought back in Stonewall, 'Lets Have a KIKI,'" Tokeyo said. And, honestly, you don't have to ask us twice.

Join the celebration for yourself, below.

Photo courtesy of Tokeyo