Timo Sassen Redefines Dressing for Comfort

Timo Sassen Redefines Dressing for Comfort

Timo Sassen spent the past year focused on growth, looking at his eponymous brand and deciding how to continue its evolution. After creating a mini line for holiday, housed on London-based e-comm platform APOC, the CEO and independent designer set out to develop his third, most well-rounded collection to date with a focus on outfits over separates.

"My past fashion work was very item-driven with little focus on head to toe looks, but with this collection I wanted to think fuller picture," Sassen says of his Fall 2021 range, adding that everything "is thought out with an eye for detail I've developed."

Sassen, who launched his brand by reimagining North Face fleece, started by reflecting on his own signature design elements like unusual cut-outs and exploring them in new materials. "I took core principles of the Timo Sassen brand and applied it to a fully formed 12-look collection that stays true to my fleece fantasies," he says.

The result balances "party and formality, fun and moody, cozy and fashionably uncomfortable." His wardrobe for "introverts" consists of baggy jeans and plush, oversized jumpers, all finished with childlike details such as big buttons or stripes. "Extroverts" are offered Sassen's interpretation of club wear: matching mini-skirts and crop-tops in fleece or his first real foray into leather with graphic silhouettes and bold colors.

For this collection, Sassen wanted to collaborate with another emerging designer on the accessories, and took advantage of our online world by connecting with someone in Brooklyn while he was in Antwerp. "I saw this as the opportunity to collaborate with Marshall Columbia, who hit big with his Plush Bags in bright colors during lockdown," Sassen says of his "internet friend," who recently dressed Dua Lipa.

An aesthetic match, both Sassen and Columbia have explored a sense of innocence throughout their work, leaning into youthful silhouettes in "electric color combinations." Together for Fall 2021, they created a small line of hats and bags in three different shades. "There is so much emotion loaded into the materials of this collection — something we all felt this year," Sassen says. "We have to comfort ourselves in ways we know how, and for me that's fashion and fleece."

Photos courtesy of Timo Sassen