Always Scrolling: NorthStarBoys

Always Scrolling: NorthStarBoys

By Andrew NguyenApr 02, 2024

Always Scrolling is PAPER's spotlight on our favorite TikTokers in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more. Keep reading to discover this week's viral sensation: the NorthStarBoys.

The NorthStarBoys, AKA NSB, were founded in August 2021 by brothers Oliver & Sebastian Moy to inspire Asian-Americans to pursue their dreams and goals. Apart from the Moy brothers, members include Justin Phan, Darren Liang, Regie Macalino, Kane Ratan, Ryan Nguyen and their manager, Tyler Bray.

While they started out as social media content creators, amassing over 55 million followers across platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, the group is expanding its universe by making music. Their single "Kissing Booth" just came out last month. Last year, NSB had two North America tours that visited in over 30 cities, and this summer, they're going on the road again for their biggest North America tour ever.

Last week, the NorthStarBoys attended a special evening with Yuzu, a new app that makes it easy for the Asian community to find friends, make romantic matches and create community through culture, shared values and upbringings and similar interests and hobbies — very aligned with the group's ethos.

Below, NSB chats with PAPER about building Asian community, K-popand their favorite spots in NYC.

What do you love about what you do?

Justin Phan: I love to make people’s day through my content and meeting new people every day!

What do you like about Yuzu?

Justin Phan: I love Yuzu because not only it’s a dating app but I can meet awesome new friends with the app’s socialize category.

Why is it important to foster Asian community?

Oliver Moy: Growing up I felt like there was a lack of representation on social media for Asian-Americans like myself, so ever since I can remember, I’ve made it my goal to become that inspiration for the younger generation and even for those who are my age. I see this being important for the next generation of Asian-Americans to feel included and seen.

What encourages you to use Yuzu over other apps?

Darren Liang: I like that Yuzu has made me feel more connected with the Asian community and culture.

Who is another TikToker that you love right now?

Darren Liang: Although I see them everyday, I really do look up to my best friends Regie and Justin’s TikToks. They have the same humor as me, and it’s fun to see what they’ve been up to.

Craziest comment you’ve received on a post?

Darren Liang: I’ve received comments such as “I hate these Asians” or “can he even see?” Which has taught me to look past hate comments, and it makes me appreciate the Stars (NSB fans) even more.

What’s one of your favorite looks you’ve posted?

Regie Macalino: One of my favorites looks is when we went to the next generation Grammys event because everything was on point, my hair and my make up made me feel really confident at that time.

What’s a trend that you love right now?

Regie Macalino: Le Sserafim’s dance to their song “Smart.” I love it because it’s a fun dance and it’s easy to do.

One that you hate?

Regie Macalino: When people were licking ice cream at grocery stores and putting it back in the freezer.

What would you never wear?

Kane Ratan: I would not wear anything that has negativity or hurtful words.

Favorite Asian-owned fashion brand right now?

Oliver Moy: WOOYOUNGMI is a South Korean brand that I’ve been very fond of as of recent. I’ve even been invited to their show in Paris and had an incredible time speaking to the designer, Youngmi Woo.


Our first time watching the music video😂

Who’s your Asian celebrity crush?

Kane Ratan: Lisa from BLACKPINK is my current celebrity crush. I would love the chance to meet her one day since we are both Thai.

What’s a good book you’ve read recently?

Darren Liang: Rich Dad Poor Dad has inspired me in many ways. I would recommend this book to a friend.

Favorite Asian restaurant in NYC?

Ryan Nguyen (Azgami): Xi’an Famous Foods.

Favorite club in NYC?

Oliver Moy: After a meet and greet in Times Square with thousands of fans, we celebrated at Den Social, which has then became one of our favorite spots in New York.

What are three songs you have on repeat right now?

Oliver Moy: Outside of the songs in our upcoming album, I would say the songs I’ve personally been listening to a lot would be “If You Love Her” by Forest Blakk, “Always” by Daniel Caesar, and our new single “Kissing Booth.”

Photography: Tracy Nguyen