200+ TikTokers Team Up on 'TikTok for Biden' Account

200+ TikTokers Team Up on 'TikTok for Biden' Account

by Sarah Mai

With the 2020 election impeding, tons of resources — and thirst traps — have been circulating the internet to encourage Gen Z to vote. Now, more than 200 TikTokers have launched a joint account, "TikTok for Biden," which gives information on how to register to vote, why they're voting for Joe Biden and more.

The account has already surpassed 200k followers on TikTok, and members include Kellyanne Conway's daughter, Claudia Conway, activist Ziad Ahmed, and other creators that speak on social injustice and climate change.

In their initial post, the account's intentions are clearly laid out: "Our goals are registering young people to vote, raising awareness about the election and eventually putting Joe Biden in the White House!"

Given that all the creators have different audiences, @tiktokforbiden promotes young voters to have someone to relate to — a creator they follow — in order to better understand their perspectives on voting for Biden. The first post also explains that the account will educate their viewers on how to participate in politics through other means like phone banks or competitions.

The resources given on @tiktokforbiden, such as a link to register to vote and their email list, aims to bring change through their initiatives: Government, fundraising, awareness and change. Their merchandise — with phrases like "Gays for Biden" and "Voting Is Cool" — also fundraises for Biden's campaign, as well as other charities like Black Lives Matter. Ultimately, they want to use their "platform for good."

Efforts from Gen Z using social media as a platform to educate others has become the norm. And given the current political climate and the 2020 election just weeks away, this type of action is more important now than ever.

Photos via TikTok