TikTok, Instagram Respond to Claim About a Tarot, Astrology Ban

TikTok, Instagram Respond to Claim About a Tarot, Astrology Ban

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have responded to rumors about banning astrology and tarot-related content.

According to Insider, the rumor began to make the rounds this past weekend after astrology influencer Cosmic Drugz uploaded a TikTok about a recent update to Meta's policy on targeted ads starting on January 19, which would remove paid ad options for content related to "topics people may perceive as sensitive," including content “referencing causes, organizations or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation.”

"These social media platforms are beginning to take the necessary steps in order to ban [astrology and tarot-related content] altogether," Cosmic Drugz said, while pointing to the logos for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. However, it seems as if her interpretation has "no merit," per a TikTok spokesperson speaking to the publication.

Similarly, Insider also reported a rep for Meta — which owns both Facebook and Instagram — denied the claims, explaining that astrology and tarot-related content would still be allowed unless it's in violation of their community guidelines. Not only that, but the Tarosophy Tarot Association has since written that the update is seemingly more about "increasing privacy concerns, legal changes in the EU and the abuse of the political targeting of people by 'bad actors' which has been raised in several US enquiries and panels."

"As a result, paid advertising will no longer be able to target an audience interest of 'tarot', 'astrology' and likely hundreds (if not thousands) of other keywords, including those relating to specifics of political, religious, health, sexuality, etc. which have been available in the past," the post read, before listing other keywords that would also be affected, such as "lung cancer awareness," meaning it doesn't appear to be "specific to tarot nor is it specific censorship or a lead-up to 'banning' tarot or anything else."

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