Emmanuel, TikTok-Famous Emu, Has Contracted Avian Flu

Emmanuel, TikTok-Famous Emu, Has Contracted Avian Flu

If you've been on TikTok within the past few months, you're probably familiar with Knuckle Bump Farms and their roster of sassy animals. Emmanuel, the camera-loving emu known for rudely interrupting educational videos alongside his trusty sidekick Princess, has captured the hearts of millions.


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Despite prospering on the internet, Knuckle Bump Farms recently dealt with some serious issues. After a flock of Egyptian Geese repeatedly flew into the farm, the wild birds eventual spread avian influenza to the farm's domesticated birds. As a result, farm owner Taylor Blake revealed that they lost 99% of their birds.

Blake explains that it's nearly impossible to vaccinate against avian flu due to the mutations, so prevention is key. She says that it is possibly due to standing water from Hurricane Ian that caused the outbreak.

After losing over 50 birds in 3 days, their beloved Emmanuel contracted the virus.

Blake and her girlfriend Kristian immediately went to work to try and save Emmanuel. Initially, he refused to eat and drink. He also suffered nerve damage in his foot, so the two devised a makeshift sling to help get him back on track.

Blake has asked for prayers and well wishes at this time, as the only two birds left on the farm are Emmanuel and Rico. It seems like they're working, and Emmanuel is making a speedy recovery.

He even drank by himself for the first time!

For now, Blake is taking all precautions to protect herself against avian flu, which is contagious to humans as well. She is also working on finding a specialist to help assist with Emmanuel's physical therapy. We hope Emmanuel is back to interrupting more TikToks in the near future.

Photo courtesy of @hiitaylorblake/Twitter, Screenshot by PAPER Magazine