TikTokers Are Using 'Bad Romance' to Cope With Their Trauma

TikTokers Are Using 'Bad Romance' to Cope With Their Trauma

A new TikTok trend sees people using an a capella rendition of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" to retell traumatizing stories.

It all started in mid-November after user Grace Groski's TikTok — in which she belts the song's hook seven times over — went viral on the platform. That said, in between the sound's intensity and rapidly escalating "woah oh oh oh oh ohs," it didn't take long for it to pop off and eventually be repurposed by a number of people for some super dark storytimes.

The way the trend works is simple enough: As a TikToker lip-syncs along to the sound, they post one part of the story every time the line repeats. And the end result? An even more tense retelling of these already-heavy stories.

Granted, a big part of TikTok is all about using dark humor to cope with existing trauma, as well as sharing these kinds of stories in an effort to collectively heal. So while most of these videos probably require some sort of trigger warning, if you want to take a look at the way people are using the sound, check out a few of the biggest stories, below.


I hate telling this story because no one ever believes me 😭😭 it was on the news tho! ##storytime

♬ original sound - Grace Groski

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