UPDATE: Watch the full carpool below; it features a truly glorious medley of Gaga's best hits: "Bad Romance," "Poker Face," "Born This Way," "Edge of Glory," and "Million Reasons," from her new album Joanne.

Gaga gets to show off her newly-licensed driving skills at one point, which James seems nervous about.

Watch below.

Here's her performance of "A-Yo," later on the show.


Lady Gaga will be in the passenger seat for James Corden's super popular "Carpool Karaoke" sketch for his Late Late Show, and from the teaser offered up, Ms. Gagz will be ditching the jean cutoffs and pink cowgirl hat for a trip down a baaaaad, bad memory lane. The best kind of bad!

In the preview, Corden and LG jam out to her immortal classic "Bad Romance"--a song we have not seen Ms. Germanotta perform in years.

Gaga's voice sounds as good as ever, paired with Corden's impressive pipes, as they break down to the music video's famous choreography--monster claws and all.

I've been reduced to ash.

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