Tide Detergent Just Got Even Easier For Teens to Consume

Tide Detergent Just Got Even Easier For Teens to Consume

Tide continues to market products towards its rabid teen fanbase, members of which went viral in the first few weeks of 2018 for pretending to eat — and sometimes actually eating — laundry pods. The brand has come out with some new eco-friendly packaging for their detergent, which is great. Unfortunately, said cardboard box is very similar to those used by Franzia.

Basically, they turned Tide into delicious-looking blue-colored cask wine.

On the bright side, the new eco-friendly Tide box uses 60 percent less plastic and 30 percent less water than the usual Tide bottle, according to a Procter and Gamble press release. It also "takes up less space because of its boxed design, which means more loads of laundry can fit on fewer delivery trucks."

On the less-than-bright-side, the memes have already begun. You just know a YouTuber has already pre-ordered the new box and has a wine glass ready to go.

Just in case this isn't obvious: detergent is poison. Don't ingest it! More disturbing images of the internet thirsting for detergent below.

Image via P&G