they are gutting a body of water Get Fuzzy on 'krillin'

they are gutting a body of water Get Fuzzy on 'krillin'

By Tobias HessMar 07, 2024

A rooftop. A basement. A toy rocket unleashed into Philly's dawn’s sky. Philly-based experimental shoegaze project they are gutting a body of water is no stranger to the magic of transience and their new video for “krillin” featuring Greg Mendez and SUN ORGAN evokes just that.

On the song, a haze of guitars and vocals whisper with a quiet rage, swirling into a mist of sound. The video, directed by Rhys Scarabosio, is largely composed of close-ups of the band performing in a basement and a derelict roof. There is a blurry mystery to the video’s happenings, much like the bleary late nights and sunrise dawns surrounding a DIY show.

“I often get caught up on the lie that every moment needs to be profound or some shit.... The reality of life is that the majority of it is overwhelmingly neutral. Fucking debilitatingly so,” TAGBOW’s Douglas Dulgarian tells PAPER, reflecting the dreary mist of his song and video. “The reality is, I’m just some working class schmuck. I’ll be a blue-collar worker forever just like my mother and father. And that’s fine. I’m getting better at dealing with that. I’m not some fucking rock star or some mystic. I’m just some normal hardworking fuck, but there’s beauty in that. Just like the beauty that exists in the neutral. Maybe that’s profound in and of itself.”

The collaboration between TAGBOW, Mendez and SUN ORGAN is a synthesis of all three projects' intertwined paths through the DIY scene. TAGBOW’s Doug Dulgarian remembers, “I met Greg when he lived in Chinatown. In the hallway to his apartment, going up the stairs; the first time I came over to his house, there was a chicken wing on the landing. I came back two months later and the chicken wing was still there.”

After reconnecting, Mendez and Dulgian decided to contact Buzz Jordan of Sun Organ, and the result is this fleeting time capsule, a rush of energy that soars like a toy rocket before it disappears or comes crashing down with a small bang.

Photography: Rhys Scarabosio