The Dare Revives Late 2000s New York Bloghouse With 'Girls'

The Dare Revives Late 2000s New York Bloghouse With 'Girls'

We've been long overdue for a good late 2000s-era bloghouse revival and Brooklyn-based The Dare is determined to be the artist that brings it back.

Previously known for putting out music under the name Turtlenecked, The Dare is Harrison Patrick Smith's new foray into the world of house, techno and electroclash. A resident DJ at Home Sweet Home, The Dare sees Smith bridging the gap between his finely tuned pop sensibilities and place in New York's thriving underground nightlife scene.

Harkening back to the days when LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture reigned supreme with their mix of indie synth-pop and punk, "Girls" channels the same sardonic vocals and supercharged beat that would fit right at home between a classic Tiga cut or a Rex the Dog remix. Featuring plenty of bubbling acid synths and a thick roaring bassline, the track is a fun mix of hedonism and jaded musings on modern day romance, all wrapped in a simple yet catchy hook.

The new single arrives today alongside an equally nostalgic music video that updates the hectic, dizzying atmosphere of New York's bloghouse heyday with all the queer, fashionable vibes that reflect the city's current party landscape.

"Girls" captures the unique chaos of a night out among cool kids, from couples drunkenly making out in the middle of the dance floor, cigarettes being lazily shared on the sidewalk outside the venue or the sensation of having your body mercilessly tossed around by the sweaty masses as you make your way from the bar to the bathroom and back.

"Jake Lazovick (Powered by Wind) shot the video at Home Sweet Home, where I DJ weekly, in order to capture a real downtown NYC party," The Dare says of the music video. "We invited all of our friends and told them to go crazy while I DJ’d and ran around. A lot of the people in it are fellow musicians or collaborators, and some of them are girls.”

Check out the PAPER premiere of The Dare's official music video for "Girls" and stream it, below.

Photos courtesy of The Dare