The D'Amelio Sisters Are Coming to Hulu

The D'Amelio Sisters Are Coming to Hulu

From Connecticut teens to famous content creators seemingly overnight, Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have certainly had a wild ride this past year and now, they're giving fans a glimpse into their new lives with Hulu's The D'Amelio Show.

The two-minute trailer, which dropped today, shows a more intimate look at the sisters' daily lives: from Dixie's journey to becoming a recording artist and Charli's dance rehearsals, to dealing with hateful comments and adjusting to life in LA.

It seems as though none of the D'Amelios expected this trajectory for their family. Charli reflects on the absurdity of it all: "can you even imagine 100 million people?" when talking about her immense following backing her. Soon after, her parents chime in: "You can get famous really fast on TikTok."

But at what cost? The D'Amelio Show will cover the excitement of all the new opportunities, but also shines a light on the insecurities, anxieties and problems the sisters face with their new status. When we see Charli later on, she tells the camera about the pressure she feels every day. "Millions of people watching your every move, that's like constant terror," she whispers.

Watch the D'Amelios navigate newfound stardom, all the while trying to keep life as ordinary as possible on The D'Amelio Show, streaming September 3 on Hulu.

Photography: Tyrell Hampton for PAPER