Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Wants to See You Dance

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Wants to See You Dance

The decade-long wait for the highly anticipated follow up to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' debut album is almost over. Just to tide you over, the producer is back this week with the latest single, "Never Seen You Dance," off his forthcoming project, When the Lights Go.

Equal parts tender indie dance and groovy house, "Never Seen You Dance" sees Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs give us one of his more upbeat offerings to date with a cheery mix of bright piano chords, funky bass and crooning vocals.

Injecting the same sentimental touch as we've heard on prior singles, the track strikes an optimistic yet bittersweet tone as the artist pines over a potential love with lyrics like, "How long, how long have I been waiting now/ Only for the hope of one kiss/ Love and loneliness." It's the kind of tune that will put a pep in your step if maybe a tad wistful.

The new single arrives alongside a downright endearing music video, directed by Pavel Brenner. Echoing the track's playful and bright vibes, the video follows the tale of two girls as they share a pair of airpods and dance through the library of the cheekily named TEED University.

"We wanted to create a feeling of hanging out with friends on a hot summer day," Brenner says of the visual. "Our main challenge was to make a transition from a relatively slow opening to two people dancing fluid and not forced. Our creatives are based on the song's main premise — engaging one's friend/lover to dance.”

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs goes on to add, “I started working on this song a long time ago, there have been so many versions before this final recording. Pavel’s direction and the performances from Zen Waterford and Sophia Frilot brought so much life to the music, it was almost like I'd never heard it before. I love it.”

Check out the official music video for "Never See You Dance," above, off Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' sophomore album, When the Lights Go, out September 9.

Photography: Jade Mainade