Taylor Swift's Tour Presale Crashed Ticketmaster

Taylor Swift's Tour Presale Crashed Ticketmaster

Update 11/17: Ticketmaster has canceled the public on-sale of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in response to the high demand and the insufficient number of tickets available.

God works hard, but Swifties work harder.

Taylor Swift's highly anticipated upcoming Eras Tour was expected to have a high demand, but even Ticketmaster was no match for millions of fans fighting their way to get a ticket. The company even had to release a statement on their official Twitter account reassuring fans to stay in the queue if they are in line. A number of other presales for select credit cardholders and some West Coast cities were also postponed later on in the day.

Eager fans reported technical difficulties on the website, which is to be expected. The real problem was Ticketmaster's deceptive new system called "dynamic pricing."

Ticketmaster previously came under fire for implementing dynamic pricing for Bruce Springsteen's 2023 tour. While most tickets were sold at face value according to data released by the company, some fans encountered tickets being sold for thousands of dollars after waiting for hours in the queue. The idea is that Ticketmaster weeds out the resellers by automatically raising the price if demand is high.

Obviously, fans are unhappy with this system and are unhappy with Swift for not opting out of the controversial business model.

If you want to torture yourself with buying tickets through resale because you missed out on the presale, you're in luck. The prices are even worse.

Some fans have documented the infuriating process for our viewing pleasure.


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But some fans got lucky!


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I guess only time will tell how hectic the sale to the general public will be. Stay tuned for November 18 to find out. Paramore, HAIM, Phoebe Bridgers, Beabadoobee, Girl in Red, MUNA, Gayle, Gracie Abrams and Owenn are set the support Swift in certain cities.

Photo courtesy of Virisa Yong/BFA