Taylor Swift's Re-Recorded 'Love Story' Makes a Hellish Debut

Taylor Swift's Re-Recorded 'Love Story' Makes a Hellish Debut

by Logan Potter

Just over a week after telling Good Morning America hosts that "Love Story" was "the most fun" to re-record from her vintage discography (so far), Taylor Swift revealed a snippet of the track through a Match.com advertisement.

The ad is written by known-Swift bestie Ryan Reynolds, and follows a once-lonely Satan as he navigates the dating world with the help of the service. His first (and only) encounter is with 2020, and the match made in literal hell embarks on a series of first date activities, such as walking in a park and eating a picnic in a barren football stadium.

As Satan and 2020 fall in love while running on treadmills — the equipment between them naturally closed for the pandemic — Swift's "Love Story" chronicles the romance over dramatic grins and laughter.

It's certainly an interesting debut for the first of Swift's re-recordings, but it is a much more promising conclusion to the year than the literal dumpster fire Satan and 2020 take a selfie with during the closing moments of the ad spot.

Check out the full commercial featuring "Love Story" below:

Photo via Getty for Erickson Public Relations/ Jason Kempin