Did Taylor Swift Reveal the Name of Gigi Hadid's Baby?

Did Taylor Swift Reveal the Name of Gigi Hadid's Baby?

A calming way to spend your Friday: listening to Taylor Swift's surprise folklore followup evermore, while delving deep into the deranged stan theories that surround it.

One such theory? The track "champagne problems" is a coded Katy Perry reference. Another? That folklore and evermore will be followed by a third indie folk-themed album titled woodvale. Our favorite so far? That the evermore track "dorothea" is either the name-reveal of Gigi Hadid's baby, or a shout out to Swift's longtime friend Selena Gomez. Or both!

Let's dive in. First, to the Gigi theory. The supermodel and her partner Zayn have been sheltering their newborn from the public eye, but it's likely that Taylor knows the secret name of the kid she famously sewed a blanket for. Swifties, who point out that the names of Blake Lively's children show up in the lyrics for folklore's "betty," allege that the same thing is happening here.

They also have a complicated explanation centered around the number eight:


The other big theory around "dorothea" is that it's a shout out to Taylor's pal Selena Gomez, who loves the movie Wizard of Oz, which centers on the character of... Dorothy. The lyrics do speak to the experience of having a celebrity friend of Gomez's caliber: "You're a queen selling dreams, selling makeup and magazines."

Shout out to Rare Beauty!

Swift, for the record, has spoken extensively about how her folklore era is less autobiographical, more fictional, and inspired by the movies she watched in early quarantine. But that doesn't mean we can't go full math lady meme about it.

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