Is a Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Collab Coming?

Is a Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Collab Coming?

The Taylor Swift v. Katy Perry feud has been happening for so long now that details get hazy. Someone stole someone's back up dancers? Eh. As far as pop cultural beefs go, theirs is a boring one, although we did get two songs out of it: Swift's "Bad Blood" and Perry's "Swish Swish." One sadly more memorable than the other.

Perry and Swift ostensibly made peace a while ago — last year the former sent her rival a literal olive branch, which Swift appeared to graciously accept. Which is why it's weird that Perry referenced the feud again last night, an entire 12 months later. It seems like Swift, who famously loves to bake, sent Perry a sugary peace offering of her own. The creepy red icing is presumably a "Bad Blood" reference. People think the photo was taken in Swift's kitchen — peep that Reputation era snake in the left hand corner.

What should we make of this? There's no reason for either of them to bring up the feud again… unless a musical collaboration is in the works. Many fans in the comments section think this is the case. It wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen — both Swift and Perry appear to be in collab mode already. Swift's "Me!" features Brendon Urie, and Perry's last two singles have been produced by Zedd.

Fuelling speculation is Swift's comment on Perry's post about the cookies: 13 love heart emojis. 13 is her favorite number, and she often uses numbers and patterns as clues for her fans in the lead up to new music releases.

Perry x Swift? Surprise contender for song of the summer. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, it's your turn.

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