Taylor Swift Sneaks an Easter Egg Into Second 'Delicate' Video

Taylor Swift Sneaks an Easter Egg Into Second 'Delicate' Video

After years of withholding her music from their services, Taylor Swift has repaired her rocky relationship with Spotify. At midnight, she shared a second video for Reputation's anxious ode to new love, "Delicate" exclusively on the streaming service.

The first video was a high production, glossy dream of what it would be like to for her to be a ~normal girl~ who can ugly-dance in the rain whenever she wants. This new one-shot vertical video is comparatively stripped down. It looks as if she's filming it from her phone in an unknown wooded location.

This video — an unapologetic three-minute selfie! Lip synching! Angsty side eye! — is exactly what I would do if I was insanely famous and could get away with it. To be honest, music videos have never been Swift's strong suit, but I'm pretty OK with this one because it's not pretending to be anything it's not. It's like a chill Instagram-story-esque B-side, if anything.

As any good Swiftie would, I scoured the Internet to see if there are any hidden messages in this video, and I wasn't disappointed. Even in a seemingly spontaneous, low-key video like this one, Swift couldn't resist sneaking in an Easter egg — her necklace in the video has the initials JA on them which stand for none other than boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

The video is cute, but as a Red-era Swiftie (Am I bad at change? Yes. Is "All Too Well" still one of the greatest songs ever? Yes.) I'm holding out for a "New Year's Day" video.

Watch the video here.