Suzi Analogue's 'Super Smooth' Video Is a Dazzling Fever Dream

Suzi Analogue's 'Super Smooth' Video Is a Dazzling Fever Dream

If anyone knows innovation it's Suzi Analogue, and if you had any doubts, look no further than her new music video for "Super Smooth."

Just as enticing as the track's sensual warble and Analogue's own silky voice, her self-directed video is the perfect visual accompaniment to an otherworldly song that lies somewhere in between a clubby bass banger and a scintillating slow burner. And with ample film grain, double exposure shots and plenty of bedazzle, the video for "Super Smooth" can only be described as a sultry, kaleidoscopic fever dream, all soundtracked by her signature blend of Miami bass, '90s R&B and contemporary club.

"'Super Smooth' is the second video I've ever directed," Analogue revealed, before explaining that she wanted the visuals to "create portals that represent tapping into different facets of oneself, diving deeper into the spark that moves us forward."

"It's something I thought deeply on exploring after a year like last year. I took inspiration from many memories in my life for 'Super Smooth,'" Analogue continued, as she cited experiences like her childhood spent in community dance troupes to her storied career as a sought-after club DJ. However, according to her, this is one of the first times she's been able to assemble a team of entirely Black and Indigenous women to help showcase the inspiration she draws not just from music, but dance as well, particularly through the video's choreography.

However, that's not the only new creation she's able to show off in the video, seeing as how the video also features an electronic instrument built by the musician herself, as well as her "Su Casa" loungewear concept created alongside Jamaican American designer, Suzette Guy. And needless to say, it's proof that the multitalented Suzi Analogue can do anything and everything, and make it all look "Super Smooth."

Watch the video for yourself, below.

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Photo courtesy of Suzi Analogue