Ever experienced the dilemma of hiking in the desolate Arctic only to find while you are certainly freezing, you just don't look that cool? We've all been there and it's definitely tough one. Luckily, Supreme has the answer: a collaboration with the beloved brand of your sister's mildly lumberjack-esque boyfriend who always offers to carve the meat – The North Face.

The collection also works, of course, for the snow bros that have long been neglected by Supreme and their primary loyalty to skating. Several pieces are waterproof with sealed seams, made of The North Face's fabric-of-choice: gortex. You can pick up a Trans Antarctica Expedition Pullover for a sweet $488 USD, whereas pants will set you back $368 and a headband, $54. Worth it, tbh.

Of course if you wear any of these pieces in less than sub-20 temperatures you may look hella extra, but hey this is Supreme and that's a risk you have to take. Besides who's here for any other reason than to see and be seen [from space]? Not me.

Cop it all from March 30, if you dare.

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Images courtesy of Supreme.

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