30+ Photos From New York City's Sunday Protests

30+ Photos From New York City's Sunday Protests

Words and Photography by Serichai Traipoom

As Sunday's NYC gathering started in Bryant Park, "peaceful protest" was one of the main chants coming from the crowd. There were conversations about dissuading violence and stopping looting if it's seen, emphasizing the personal responsibility of each protester. At one point a bottle was thrown at the police (it looked like it came from a window above), but a group of protestors immediately made a human chain around the police using de-escalation methods to ensure that the message was not confused.

These protests are intended to bring visibility to the violent and systematic oppression that Black communities have been fighting tirelessly to dismantle. As non-Black Americans, it's vital to continue taking part in the conversations and making changes in ourselves and our country. If you can protest, do it. If you can donate, do it. Sign the petitions. Read. Research. Listen. VOTE. Change will not happen if we don't push for it.

Photography: Serichai Traipoom