10 Products That Will Change Your Life This Summer

10 Products That Will Change Your Life This Summer


We've all been there...

You're heading to meet your friends on a hot summer day and you glance at yourself in a passing window. What you thought was a flawless beat in your 68-degree apartment now looks like you ran a marathon in it (shoutout to Sha'carri Richardson, we live for you). In the reflection, your foundation is dripping off your face, concealer is separating and the contour on your cheekbones is now grazing your jawline.

If you've ever felt this way, then you're using the wrong beauty products. Makeup in the heat is tricky, especially if you have oily skin. Every product, even with setting powders, seems to slip and slide across your face.

The trick to long-lasting makeup this season is all in skin-prep and complexion products (sounds obvious, I know), and a little of the right setting powders/ sprays. Check out our 10 must-haves, below, that will absolutely change your life when doing your makeup all summer long.