Is the Viral Kylie Jenner Dior Blush Worth the Hype?

Is the Viral Kylie Jenner Dior Blush Worth the Hype?


It's no secret that the Jenner-Kardashian clan holds one of the strongest influences on viral products, especially King Kylie. Any item they rave about seems to instantly sell out without fail.

Kylie's makeup has constantly shifted over the past five years, but she's currently loving what Ariel Tejada (AKA MakeupByAriel) calls "babydoll glam." This involves a lot of blush, which likely sparked the recent influx in blush looks across TikTok and Instagram. Everywhere we click, there seems to be another flush girlie flaunting her perfectly rosy cheeks.

With Kylie specifically, Ariel's blush placement appears to be very close to her under eye area, which gives this sweet youthful effect. Although he mixes many blushes together when doing her makeup, Kylie herself said when doing her own face that she's obsessed with the Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush.

The blush is absolutely stunning and comes in two shades: A rosy pink and a vivid coral. According to Dior, it's supposed to change intensity and shift based on the moisture levels in your skin. At $37, it might be one of the priciest blushes on the market for the size. The packaging notably features a stunning embossed Dior print on the actual blush itself.

We tested this blush out and have some thoughts. My first impression was, "OMG did I accidentally order the travel size?" Because it's so tiny. To apply the product onto my cheeks, I used my Makeup By Ariel x MORPHE brushes, following the same placement as Ariel. It took quite a few sweeps of me building the blush onto my cheekbones before I started to see the naturally rosy effect.

After blending multiple layers, my cheeks looked phenomenal. It's such a gentle shade of baby pink that really brings out olive skin, in particular. So buy it if you can — Although pricey, it left my cheeks with a soft flush that definitely shifted throughout the day to a perfect glow.

Thanks to the Kylie effect it's currently sold out, but check out these other five blushes we're obsessed with:

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